It’s All About Family™



KLG Culture

We take pride in our ability to pre-plan and execute our work with key communication every step of the way. Our teams carry the natural character it takes to understand successful projects are an entire team effort with our Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Subcontractors along with our local and state jurisdictions. We will always be a team-oriented company with our sole focus on doing the right thing. Always doing the right thing carries quite a commitment along with it which we are dedicated too. Our culture comes naturally to us and will never waiver. Our credibility is our cornerstone.

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The KLG Quality

We firmly believe in complete satisfaction with our clients. We believe in partnerships. We believe this is possible through communication/honesty/integrity and transparency. We are incredibly firm and will always be fair. We will expect this and strive for it. Our word shall be stronger than a piece of paper.


KLG Building Group

Our formula is It’s All About Family. Simply put, it is. We have our immediate and extended families within and around us. There are many important attributes that characterize a family, for example, accountability, dependability, honesty, dedication, and perseverance to name a few. This should be your expectation when you partner with us on any level, as a client, Architect, Engineer, Subcontractor, future employee, or any other entity required for a successful construction operation. Give us the reins, we have your back.